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Cemefaerie, an ongoing Wattpad series -…

Arsenic Pills: Titration, the free ongoing follow-up to Arsenic Pills -…

"I use to know
what a wish was for"
I've been writing the serial Cemefaerie for six weeks or so, and it's about to hit its Part 1 finale. Chapter 9 just went live last night. If you want a dark fantasy set in gothic trappings trimmed with romance and mystery, I advise you to cross over now! Right this way, dear...


I was panting when the ground leveled out finally, hands on my hips. Stepping into the glow, I found the passage opening up to a large room that bathed me with the blue light, yet left mottled detail to my surroundings. I noticed a 'clink' beneath me. The ground was glass, but offered a swirled, distorted view. The walls and ceiling were the same. Some strange, slow-moving liquid swam about on the other side of the encompassing barrier. I felt the part of a bug myself now, having waltzed right into the mason jar.

With no discernible doorways or paths beyond this circular room, I decided I had arrived. It was time to get what I came for.


In the silence that ensued, I wondered how this myth would manifest itself before me. I kept a leery eye on the way I had come in, since it was the only entry and exit.

A shadowy form appeared in my peripheral vision from above. I hunched slightly lower, reflexively, as if this would protect me should the glass ceiling break. The thing descending on the other side was shaped like a person, but it was hard to tell if the liquid and glass skewed my view of it. The silhouette was twice the size of an average person, very long, but curled in on itself. The head was oddly and disproportionately large, and a tad oblong from front to back.

After swallowing hard, I demanded, "I must speak with you."

The blurry leviathan half-skulked, half-floated around the glass until it was drifting behind the wall before me.

A voice emanated from every inch of the walls. It was loud without being pronounced, with a frightening, discordant bass to it that made each word seem like it was being dragged out from the bottom of some abysmal pit.

"Someone's knocked you loose, little gear."

Bloody hell. I was going to be a big faerie. Wasn't going to piss myself.
Dallas Fan Days '14 group selfie by ravenmcallister
Dallas Fan Days '14 group selfie
Not sure why I didn't put this one up months ago. Our Warpath, Red Queen, and White Queen cosplays from DFD last year.

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